The CO2 Pump Everyone is Talking About

Green Mill's 4-piston liquid displacement pump
delivers 500 grams-per-minute flow and 7,500 psi.


co2 supercritical Fluid extraction systems

At Green Mill Supercritical, we aim to out-perform the leading competitors with true automation, collection of three oils in a single run, and compact yet powerful system design. No other technology will get your product pipelines moving as quickly, consistently, and reliably. We have a strong culture of no-BS, so let us back up our claims and answer your questions today.

SFE Pro CO2 Extraction System

SFE Pro CO2 Extraction System


This is our premiere CO2 extraction system. It addresses many current industry problems when it comes to size, power, and automation. Extract three oil types in one run for maximum product development versatility.

Max. pressure: 7,500 psi
Base price: $165,000

SFE Mini

Don't let the size fool you. This model packs all the punch as the "Pro," but offers an even smaller starting footprint. One collection vessel instead of the Pro's three. 

Max. pressure: 7,500 psi
Base price: $115,000

SFE Mini CO2 Extraction System

SFE Mini CO2 Extraction System


“No other company has built a system
with density in mind, but it’s the future of the industry.”

— John Mackay, Ph.D / Editor, Extraction Magazine

“With the SFE Pro, I'm extracting terps separately, along with two other fractionations that I can use to develop my products.”



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