The SFE Pro at Work

Big brand Canndescent and craft brand NEK Hemp explain the power of a truly automated CO2 extraction machine


The Value of the SFE Pro


for Canndescent — the SFE Pro’s advanced controls

Industry giant Canndescent just launched Stylus®, reconceptualizing cannabis vaping as a transformative, luxury experience — with oil produced on the SFE Pro.


“With the density controls, custom pump, and automation, this system has been the backbone for our Stylus® vape pen.”

Allen Larson,
Canndescent Lab Director



for NEK Hemp — the SFE Pro’s product consistency

Craft product-maker NEK Hemp taught themselves how to extract on their SFE Pro, and are now taking Vermont’s reputation for quality hand-made goods like beer, cheese, and maple syrup into the realm of CBD.


“The oil from this machine is consistent, predictable, and verifiable — better than anything else on the market.”

Jethro Hayman,
NEK Hemp Wholesale Manager

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Green Mill Allows You To...


Extract More With Higher Pressures

Our 7,500 psi pressures mean higher efficiency during your extractions, leaving less money behind in the vessel. Our custom-designed, 4-piston, liquid displacement pump is compact, powerful, smooth, reliable, and energy-efficient. Further boosting efficiency is a patent-pending dispersion plate that evenly directs CO2 through your raw material.


Forget About Babysitting

True Automation presents your whole system on a touchscreen and allows you to control it entirely through the connected PC. Enter temperature and pressure settings for each vessel independently, plus flow rate, extraction run time, and collection time. No wrenching, hammering, or anything that requires tools, at any time during the extraction. Press Start, and walk away. Anyone can quickly learn to operate our systems and run extractions without assistance.


Meet Demand Sustainably

This is the fastest-growing industry in the world. Any new business must be prepared to scale up, from the start, and into the foreseeable future. Only the business models that adapt to this reality will survive the coming tsunami of demand. But simply making machines larger, as our competitors do, adds a massive burden in terms of operations and energy consumption. Green Mill scales your extraction throughput and keeps you competitive without sacrificing efficiency or leaving you with obsolete equipment.


Produce Three Oils at Once

You will save significant time in the post-extraction lab thanks to Green Mill's Triple-Product Fractionation. A single run can feed three simultaneous product pipelines — high potency oil for waxes, shatter, and dabs in the first collection vessel; general oil for vapes, edibles, beverages, pills, tinctures, and topicals in the second vessel; and full spectrum oil for terpenes in the third vessel.


Always Know What Your System is Doing

Every component on your system provides data feedback on what it's doing, displayed in real-time. There are no fewer than 27 sensors sending information back and forth to the computer at all times. A coriolis flow meter measures flow. Automatic density calculation and feedback give you maximum flexibility in developing your recipes. Data logs record everything that happens on your machine during an extraction for full analysis, process development, and troubleshooting if there's an issue.

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