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Careers at Green Mill


The Company

Green Mill is a startup that is doing botanical extractions right. Even though we're a young company, we've got a proud Pittsburgh lineage of supercritical CO2 going back to Carnegie Mellon in the early 80s.

We're not doing this to iterate on past machines in the supercritical fluid extraction industry. We are rethinking everything in order to give our customers the benefit of sound engineering and design. We need people who can think creatively, treat customers and each other with honesty and sincerity, and contribute whatever they can to helping us scale up and be the dominant force we know we can be.

The Workspace

Our new, expanded production facility and office space are designed with lots of natural light and a highly-crafted employee experience. We truly believe that a happy workforce transmits good energy to everyone we engage with, from vendors to partners to clients.

The People

The kind of folks who have joined so far are energetic, good-humored, and ready to take on any task needed to finish the job right. They want to break away from the conventional work world and help blaze a trail into a budding industry that respects and rewards the scientific mind, and also demands creativity and an endless thirst for novelty.

Core Values

Here are some things that are important to our company culture:

  • Empathy — try to see the truth of others’ experience.

  • Honesty — let go of the need to manage the truth.

  • Grit — take that setback as a challenge and an opportunity to improve.

  • Helpfulness — jump in and contribute what you can.

  • Humor — lighten it up every once in a while - or a lot.

  • Curiosity — explore your right brain through experimentation and job creativity.

If you don't see a position that matches your superstar expertise, contact us anyway. Maybe we'll create one just for you!