Recent Clients

The following are a few of the latest vertically-integrated businesses that have chosen Green Mill Supercritical for their extract-based product manufacturing:


SFE Pro, Lab Design

Canuvo is one of eight licensed dispensaries in the state of Maine.  Best practices at their state of the art facility include naturally grown cannabis, super clean environment, and top-notch genetics as the basis for their cannabis infused products.


Canndescent cultivates over 10,000 pounds of cannabis per year for the adult-use California market. They start with proprietary genetics, grow with organic pest management, and deliver quality aromas, flavors, and experiences for their extract-based products.

SFE Pro, Lab Design

HealthQuest hemp varieties are grown at an altitude of 7,000 feet in the rich alluvial soils below Mesa Verde, Colorado, and possess unique phyto-cannabinoid and terpene profiles. They've chosen Green Mill for safety, purity, and consistency of product.

SFE Pro, Lab Design

Aloha Green is committed to the science of cannabis. The combination of their knowledge and the specific conditions of Oahu enable them to develop a distinctly Hawaiian way to grow, cultivate, process, and experience medical cannabis.