Our systems have three collection vessels, each of which can run at different pressures and temperatures, and thus collect three different types of oil in a single run, initiating three product pipelines at once. With our roots in CO2 science that trace back to the 80s and Carnegie Mellon University, we designed this as a minimum feature for our industrial extractors. It is the primary way we take advantage of the tuning characteristics of CO2. Fractionation maximizes your product development and business modeling capabilities, saving precious time downstream in post-extraction processing. This makes CO2 competitive against supposedly faster solvents such as ethanol which extract faster on the front end, but produce a heavy crude that requires far more refining after the extraction. People rarely calculate this time into their production estimates, but when you do, ethanol loses its advantage over CO2. 

True Automation

Our systems require no tools, no disassembly, no changing of orifices, no plunging, no reassembly, and every stage of the extraction process is controlled through a touchscreen Windows PC just like the one you have on your desk at work. Settings for a run are saved as "recipes" for future use, so you can repeat the same exact run as many times as you like, simply by recalling the recipe and pressing "Start." The computer also features an automated clean cycle that can be run once a week or so to keep your lines clean and clog-free.

Pressure Range

Our pressure range goes to 7,500 psi on all our systems. In addition to enabling triple-product fractionation, higher pressures increase the solubility of cannabis, meaning you can pull more of the targeted compounds from your raw material at a given flow rate than you can at lower pressures, improving production times and leaving less money behind after the extraction.



Our systems feature a powerful, compact, custom-designed, 4-piston liquid displacement pump that has proven to run 24 hours a day, day-in, day-out, with only minimal, standard maintenance such as replacing seals (done without any complicated disassembly). The 4 pistons generate a super smooth flow, which allows us to fully automate our systems (including automated pressure control at each vessel), and helps to prevent channeling. And with our patent-pending dispersion plate, the spread of CO2 through your raw material is optimized, leading to high-efficiency extractions. We have a mass flow meter on our systems that proves its performance of 500 grams per minute max flow rate.