CO2 & Green Mill Beat Ethanol Through Fractionation

Have you heard that ethanol extraction systems are much cheaper than CO2 extractors? So have we, and it confuses us every time. So, let’s take a closer look.

Green Mill CO2 fractionation allows your business to begin refining oils for specific end products as soon as you choose a recipe and press “Start.”

The system’s computer proceeds to “tune” the CO2 to different conditions, and begins to separate oils with varying properties into different collection vessels (CV1, CV2, and CV3).


Extraction = Refinement

With Green Mill fractionation you are able to fully capitalize on CO2’s inherent tunability, because you no longer have to wait until your crude oil is in the post-extraction lab before you start refining. The extraction itself serves as the first refinement stage.

After each and every run, having simultaneously collected three differentiated oil types, you can proceed with reduced processing requirements such as winterization and clarification, building and feeding three product pipelines.

This time and labor savings in your lab (not to mention build-out expenses and the high volume of alcohol needed for ethanol extractions — one gallon for every pound of trim!), can easily make up for the difference in price between a Green Mill system and ethanol.

CO2 vs. Ethanol

The oils extracted by Green Mill are much closer to product-grade than any ethanol extraction can be, and you're feeding three product categories at a time. Ethanol sales pitches often claim massive "throughput," but that simply refers to the amount of raw material that went in and how much oil resulted. It does not speak to the state of that oil, which is loaded with impurities and must go through costly post-extraction processing to arrive at consumption-grade product.

It may go against what you’ve heard to think of a CO2 system this way, but when you consider the entire product manufacturing pipeline, you can get a better ROI with Green Mill than with ethanol, and enjoy all the other benefits our machines deliver.

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