Video: Green Mill & the Hemp CBD Family Farm

Cam Devereux / Photo: Northeast Kingdom Hemp

Green Mill systems are currently powering extraction labs across the market spectrum. Very large cannabis companies like Canndescent and MedMen choose us because our machines are so versatile and efficient to run, and because of the advanced features and reliability.

But the small footprint, simplicity of operation, and reasonable pricing make the SFE Pro accessible to small-to-medium-sized businesses as well. These are the artisanal craft producers, nimble and passionate and in touch with their communities. They are the small farms finding a way to keep their traditions and families intact.

The national legalization of hemp in the US seems to have provided an opportunity, and farms like Northeast Kingdom Hemp are training themselves to adapt to an exciting new future in extraction and product development, one that leverages the special history of their home state of Vermont.

Camden Devereux / Photo: Northeast Kingdom Hemp

Camden Devereux / Photo: Northeast Kingdom Hemp

focus on quality

“Vermont is known for their craft products,” says Camden Devereux, company co-founder and dad of the family. He points out that things like beer, cheese, and maple syrup all have thriving artisanal markets that are successful in large part due to the Vermont brand. “It’s very important to have a good name and good, quality product.”

“We started really early with the idea that we were gonna be Vermont Grown by Vermont’s Own,” says co-founder and mom of the family, Karen Devereux.

While doing research in the planning stages of their business, Camden and Karen visited large hemp farms and extraction operations out West. Those companies insisted that NEK buy the oil for their products from them instead of extracting it in-house because it would be much cheaper. But for the Devereuxs, it isn’t about making the cheapest product possible. Karen politely declined to buy the outside oil.

“What happens to our whole premise of Vermont Grown by Vermont’s Own,” she says, “if we take your oil and put it in our bottle? I said, we might as well quit.”

the Green Mill difference

Despite their family farm status, Northeast Kingdom Hemp wants to expand like any healthy company. The SFE Pro helps them pursue those expansion plans.


The company is proud of the oil they produce and takes full advantage of the SFE Pro’s automation and advanced instrumentation to craft an authentic brand that people trust. Jethro Hayman, the company’s wholesale manager, says the system’s triple product fractionation allows them to extract three oil types simultaneously by setting conditions in the three collection vessels independently.

“Before, we could keep up with New England distribution,” says Jethro. “We’re now really able, with this machine, to ramp up and be distributed nationally.”

He’s committed to making his co-workers hate him because there’s too much work to do. “We know that without the Green Mill machine we couldn’t predictably produce those results.”

“We call it living the hemp life,” says Karen. “That sounds mellow, doesn’t it? ‘Livin’ the Hemp Life.’ It really isn’t.”

She laughs: “It’s a little crazy.”

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