Hemp, CBD, and the Family Farm

Photo by  CivilEats

Photo by CivilEats

Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill and the legalization of hemp across the country, you may have seen national news reports about large, often Canadian, companies making big moves in the hemp farming and CBD production market. But if you look closely at local news, there are a lot of inspiring stories from the grass roots as well.

Here are some quotes from just a few recent local news articles:

This is the biggest thing to happen to agriculture in Indiana in my lifetime
— Indiana farmer Mark Boyer, IndyStar
Soybeans, corn and wheat aren’t cutting it for farmers anymore
— Nebraska farmer Roger Harmon, Lincoln Journal Star
The more diverse your rotation is, the fewer inputs you need to control weeds or insects or pests, because there’s less chance of any one of them having the environment suited to it year in and year out.
— Kentucky farmer John Bell, CivilEats
This is about evolving
— Kentucky farmer Brian Furnish, LA Times
It’s an incredible medicine. There’s no high. It’s no different than eating an orange for vitamin C.
— Oregon farmer Rebecca Heger, East Oregonian

Green Mill is Ready to Help Small Farmers

Our systems are currently preferred by some very large hemp and cannabis cultivators, such as Canndescent and MedMen. They choose us because they can buy multiple machines and they are still more efficient to run than one oversized system by one of our competitors.

But the small footprint, simplicity of operation, and reasonable pricing makes our systems accessible to small-to-medium-sized businesses as well. And that’s the customer we really love serving because they are nimble and passionate and want to find ways to innovate for their patients and buyers.

In turn, that pushes us to find ways to improve the performance of our machines and thus improve the overall product. Plus, it’s nice to have a measure of success — the sincere family victories of our customers — that goes beyond the bottom line.