Post-Extraction Labs


Developing Your Products

After the extraction, reduce lag time to revenue generation with Mark June-Wells, Ph.D, our resident post-processing expert. He will design and build your laboratory to meet your production needs.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will establish your essential oil refinement and production pipelines while complying with federal cGMP standards.

Customized services include:

  • Total laboratory design & build-out
  • Equipment selection and sourcing
  • Federally & locally compliant production standards
  • Extraction & production assessment & optimization
  • Quality assurance & quality control
  • Internal lot traceability
  • Inventory systems
  • Management & employee staffing
  • Laboratory revenue forecasting

Mark has engineered cannabinoid extraction efficiency and tracking programs, developed one of the largest production databases in the United States, and created efficient and repeatable production methods informed by rigorous data collection and statistical model building. He can enable the through-put and consistency you need for product integrity and regulatory compliance.

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