The Value of the SFE Pro


for Canndescent — the SFE Pro’s advanced controls

Industry giant Canndescent just launched Stylus®, reconceptualizing cannabis vaping as a transformative, luxury experience — with oil produced on the SFE Pro.


“With the density controls, custom pump, and automation, this system has been the backbone for our Stylus® vape pen.”

Allen Larson,
Canndescent Lab Director



for NEK Hemp — the SFE Pro’s product consistency

Craft product-maker NEK Hemp taught themselves how to extract on their SFE Pro, and are now taking Vermont’s reputation for quality hand-made goods like beer, cheese, and maple syrup into the realm of CBD.


“The oil from this machine is consistent, predictable, and verifiable — better than anything else on the market.”

Jethro Hayman,
NEK Hemp Wholesale Manager

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