MJBizCon Booth 4614: Say Hello to Green Mill Supercritical

We've been developing our machine for several years, and only now are we starting to sell them. MJBizCon is our first conference and our introductory event before the public. Come and say hi!

Along with a supercritical CO2 system we think rivals all the major competitors on price, automation, power, efficiency, and noise level, with a single run extracting to three separate product pipelines, we are also working hard to develop a community platform for everyone in the industry to share best practices.

These practices will be informed by our own experiments and studies gathering solubility data around THCA and CO2. Stop by the booth to see a demonstration of our methodology with your own eyes, through a sight glass on our phase monitor — for real, this is gonna be cool.

We're also happy to talk about the future of cannabis extractions given the maturity of the industry and how it's demanding higher volumes, regulatory compliance, and the replacement of "art" with rigorous science.