Stop Ignoring Density

Currently, the oil produced by many supercritical fluid extraction machines is a mystery. Its clarity or its color are not the whole story. And yet, cannabis oil businesses need to know what product comes out of their machines, and they need to achieve repeatability.


By knowing CO2 density, extraction operators can hone in and target compounds they wish to collect. Only Green Mill extraction systems currently provide this capability.

“I love that Green Mill is density-centric,” said John A. MacKay, CEO of Synergistic Technologies and Associates, speaking at the Cannabis Business Executive Convention (CBEC) in Boston in September. “No other company has built a system with density in mind, but it’s the future of the industry.”

But MacKay, who is also science editor at Terpenes and Testing magazine, says there’s more to learn.

“Green Mill has begun a program of experiments to directly observe the solubility of different compounds in CO2 using a phase monitor,” said MacKay. “And the best part is, they’ll be capturing it in video.”

One of the only known datasets in this field is presented in a popular study from the Netherlands. Green Mill is designing its own experiments to improve and expand on that study, with direct implications for supercritical extractions.

“Our experiments will be running live at the MJBizCon in Vegas in November,” said Jeremy Diehl, co-founder and engineer at Green Mill Supercritical. “You’ll be able to watch through the sight glass of our phase monitor as different materials dissolve before your eyes.”