Isolating Terpenes from Hemp with the SFE PRO


Green Mill installed a new machine this week in the Rockies at a hemp oil facility. Our SFE Pro is now up and running in Mancos, Colorado, at Healthquest Botanicals.

Owner Brendan Findlay had watched our video, saw the fractionation and automation features, and figured it was the perfect alternative to the alcohol extractions he had been doing.

"CO2 extractions are more pure," said Brendan. "And of course, with alcohol, there is no fractionation possible." 

Brendan has a strain of hemp called Berry Blossom with a terpene profile that he loves and that deserves better than alcohol.

"With the SFE I'm extracting the terps separate," he said, "along with two different other fractionations that I can use to develop my products."

"It was really cool that our initial run, before any fine tuning, produced such nice oil," said Green Mill co-founder, Jeremy Diehl. "I look forward to seeing how much improvement we can get after the analytical results come in and we create an even better recipe that can be run in exactly the same way every time."