The Company


Our Heritage

We hail from the Steel City, but we come from CO2. Drawing on a history of Pittsburgh, PA-based supercritical carbon dioxide technology stretching back to Carnegie Mellon University in the early 80s, our systems incorporate scientific advancements over this early work, with designs customized for the needs of the rapidly evolving cannabis oil industry.

The Green Mill Approach

There are two main problems in the extraction space that Green Mill is driven to solve: a technology problem and an information problem. Both of these problems exist due to inertia and an industry that is only now emerging from the shadows.

The Industry's Technology Problem

The engineering and design of many of the leading extraction systems is not a result of rigorous application of sound CO2 principles, but rather of taking what the last guy did and tweaking it to gain a slight advantage in the market.

At Green Mill, we questioned every decision made in the past and kept only the options that made sense from an engineering standpoint. Then we made new decisions, innovating for an industry that is evolving rapidly in terms of scale and compliance.

Green Mill is the first truly automated CO2 extraction system

For example, consumers and regulators simply will not tolerate product inconsistency or impurity, and we think the way to address this is through automation — true automation. Cranking knobs and making guesses on key settings is not sustainable. Any system promising quality oil needs to input and output data, and run smoothly, reliably, and consistently — no matter who is operating it.

The Industry's Information Problem

The way extraction machines are sold today is fundamentally unfair to potential buyers. Claims are often made that are misinformed or misleading. Performance is measured in different ways, often depending on what makes the system look best.

At Green Mill, we are committed to, first and foremost, knowing what we are talking about, and secondly, to admitting what we don't know.

It seems absurd that this needs to be stated, but in this industry it really does: you don't build a successful company by saying whatever needs to be said to make the sale. You do it by establishing trust with your customers and contacts over time, and that's accomplished by always telling the truth, even when it might jeopardize a sale in the moment.

Our Commitment

We're also of the belief that in order to make truthful claims you have to have data on which to base them. And there is a lack of quality data about essential oil extractions. That's why we've designed and are conducting experiments on solubility and compound degradation, which will yield highly-valuable data that, when input into a machine like ours that's made to optimize around it, will transform extractions, making them super tunable, repeatable, and profitable.