Industrial Scale CO2 Extractions

Due to the robustness of our engineering, the compact footprint, and true computer automation, our SFE Pro units can be arranged in an operational cluster to form a scalable, powerful, and versatile extraction operation.

If you've ever wondered whether Green Mill's 4-piston, liquid displacement pump and 7,500 psi could perform in a larger enterprise production pipeline, wonder no more.


each SFE Array has the following advantages over its competitors:


  • Linear scaling. SFE Arrays scale up without sacrificing any power because each unit in an Array has a dedicated, full-size Green Mill pump. Every system generates 7,500 psi regardless of its size.

  • Parallel processing. Because all units run concurrently, mass CO2 flow increases by 500 grams per minute, per unit. (The X5 Array, for example, produces a mass flow of 2.5 kilograms per minute.)


  • Vessels. Other, single-unit designs utilize massive extraction vessels more likely to experience channeling and incomplete extractions. Our higher number of smaller vessels guarantees higher yield from the same amount of raw material.

  • Electricity. As with all our systems, SFE Arrays run on single-phase power, eliminating expensive utility bills and complicated installs.


Each unit in an Array extracts independently of the others, eliminating the risk of an operational problem halting your entire production pipeline.


With the purchase of an SFE Array, your business is able to expand at its natural pace without sacrificing efficiency in the system, or leaving you with obsolete machinery.

Product Development Training

Comprehensive instruction includes protocols for experimentation and refinement on the extraction side, plus integration with your post-extraction lab.

Distributed collection

Pull extracted oil mid-run from any of the units at any time to monitor output or gather samples.


Even the largest Array is human-scale and friendly. No need for cranes or ladders or winches.




X2 Array

  • 48 pounds raw material per day

  • 1 kg per minute mass flow

X3 Array

  • 72 pounds raw material per day

  • 1.5 kg per minute mass flow

X4 Array

  • 96 pounds raw material per day

  • 2 kg per minute mass flow

X5 Array

  • 120 pounds raw material per day

  • 2.5 kg per minute mass flow


  • $420k — $975k (depending on configuration & customization)

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